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Juno is a smart phone application that allows you to securely access your company's Tally installation information while on the move. Using your phone's GPRS connection and your Tally .Net user id, Juno brings you up-to-date current financial year's information.
Whether you're the proprietor of your firm or the CEO of your company, Juno is for anyone who needs financial data while on the move, or on business meeting with customer or investor's, and what's more you don't need to be a Tally user to use Juno. With just a click you can access key financial data on your phone wherever you are. If you're a Chartered accountant with access to multiple company accounts Juno can enable access to all those accounts.
Juno currently supports BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone (iOS) both mobile phone and tablets.
All you need is a valid Tally .Net user id and password to get going.
Your mobile phone needs to have a GPRS (mobile internet) connection.
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If you are an active Tally .Net user, you are already setup to use Juno! All you need to ensure is your company is connected online and configured to allow remote access for Tally .Net users.
No, when you change your handset you do not need a license. Just inform your administrator who will update your phone type in the device manager.
Juno ensures no client information is stored on any servers except your own. Data transmission between Tally .Net and your servers is encrypted and secure. Your secure Tally .Net user id that defines access is stored on Tally .Net's servers alone.
To ensure that an employee who has left your organization does not have access to Juno, simply inform your system administrator who will deactivate the user's license linked to his mobile number. To ensure he does not have access to your company's data, on mobile or on the internet, you should also deactivate his Tally .Net user id.
Yes, you can reuse and reassign licenses. Simply ask your system administrator to reassign the license to the new mobile number and handset type and the new employee is all set to download the application and get started.
Yes, each Juno user can be assigned a separate set of access privileges from the device manager.
No, you can set access privileges of each Juno user to be distinct from the Tally .NET user privileges.
Not necessarily. Juno offers the 'Work Offline' mode where you can cache all the data onto your phone while connected to the internet , you can work in offline mode and the app will intelligently switch between online and offline mode on need basis.
An “online” login in JUNO is considered as one active Tally.NET User session for Tally. As per Tally’s licensing, a Silver (Single-User) license account can have 1 (one) concurrent Tally.NET User session and a Gold (Multi-User) license account can have 10 (ten) concurrent Tally.NET User sessions.

Note: If you do not know the process to set key store password click "continue" to use the applocation.Every time your device is restarted you would get the message, to avoid this trust certificate, to set key store password refer your blackberry manual

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